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CJ88 LG XBOOM CJ88 2900W Hi Fi System

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Explosive Audio

Explosion of sound. An RMS amplifier and heavy duty speaker construction deliver massive output wattage for your sound system. Blast your audio experience into another dimension with a sonic spectrum that will blow you away.

Pump up the Party

Build up the energy with the Party Thruster controller. Simply slide the throttle forward and hear the audio build up until you hit maximum party at which time the system booms and lights dazzle.

Feel the Beat. See the Lights.

Lighting you will love. LG's mini audio systems come with multiple built-in light features which bop to the beat of your music. Now you can create the ultimate party atmosphere.

X-Shiny Speaker, speakers with bling

Speakers built to reflect the surrounding lights. Be dazzled by the mica-sprayed speakers while the speaker lighting is on and the colours change.

Double Down for Great Sound

It takes two to tango. By linking two LG XBOOM speakers together you can double your output wattage, lighting and party capabilities. Crank it up!

DJ Loop, repeat your beats

Remix like the pro DJs. Repeat any sound in a loop for as long as you want.

Sample your Sound

Record effects or audio bites on a smartphone and transfer them to your LG XBOOM speaker via Bluetooth to create the ultimate underground audio.

Automatically Mix Music

Perfect for parties. Auto DJ seamlessly blends each song into the next from a connected USB stick. Keep the tables turning for a great party atmosphere.

Tape your Tunes

With the DJ sharing feature you can easily record or send the processed Audio via Bluetooth to a smartphone for listening again and again.