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iQ300 Freestanding Fridge-freezer (Bottom freezer) KG36N7IEP

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Samsung KG36N7IEP freestanding refrigerator with freezer iQ300 Series - anti-fingerprint stainless steel

Cooling down

Brilliant ideas and innovative technologies enclosed in a futuristic design: Siemens appliances for cooling and freezing offer you the best requirements to store food in a flexible and perfect way. From the smallest built-in refrigerator to the impressive side-by-side model: they all guarantee even more freshness and convenience.

Cooling and freezing

Enhance your quality of life by leveraging intelligent cooling and freezing technology to ensure maximum flexibility, longer-lasting freshness and a refined design.

Freestanding refrigerators and freezers

Easy to install and connect, freestanding refrigerators and freezers offer all the flexibility and variety you could wish for. Whatever finish you prefer, stainless steel or glass. Siemens has the right model for you.

No more defrosting: noFrost technology
Thanks to the noFrost technology, the ventilation system removes moisture from the freezer compartment. As a result, the air remains dry. Effectively prevents the formation of frost inside the device or on food.

Less cleaning: anti fingerprints
Made of stainless steel, the high-quality surfaces of the refrigerator door are finished with a special coating: the anti-fingerprint coating eliminates annoying fingerprints on stainless steel.

Top and side LED lighting
All eyes on freshness: LED lighting with side lights and ceiling lights illuminate every corner of the refrigerator.

The bottle holder will provide a safe place for stored bottles

Store large and small bottles and cans safely in the removable stainless steel rack. Everything at your fingertips, safely hidden.

Everything at your fingertips
For added convenience when loading and unloading food, the glass shelves can now be pulled out halfway on the profile rails. This gives you optimal vision so you don't miss a thing. Of course, they slide easily and are protected against tipping, so you can pull them out the full distance even when they're full. The frameless shelves are made of solid, high quality glass.

Stable temperature: super cooling

You can use the super cool button to quickly lower the temperature inside the refrigerator to + 2 ° C. This prevents the temperature of already cooled food from rising unwantedly when you put new and warmer foods in the refrigerator.

MultiAirflow system: uniform air distribution for longer freshness
The multiAirflow system evenly distributes the air in the refrigerator compartment, ensuring a constant temperature at all levels. It minimizes temperature fluctuations and shortens the cooling time, so your food stays fresh for longer. Always enjoy the freshness.

Longer freshness guaranteed: freshSense
Differences in outside temperature and frequent opening of the refrigerator door will cause changes in the temperature inside the refrigerator. The intelligent sensors of the freshSense system react immediately to changes in temperature and take control of the cooling.

Fish and meat stay fresh longer: hyperFresh <> 0 ° C
Proper temperature and humidity are essential for keeping stored products fresh. The temperature settings in the drawer can be 2-4˚C lower than in the refrigerator compartment. Thanks to the temperature close to 0˚C and the right level of humidity, the food will stay fresh longer and will retain vitamins and nutritional values.

noDistance Place the refrigerator against the wall, leaving no gaps
NoDistance technology has changed the installation specifications of noFrost fridge-freezers, allowing devices to be placed directly against the side wall or inside the kitchen cabinets without the need for spacing. In addition, the special design of the fridge-freezers offers full access to the contents of the compartments, allowing drawers and shelves to be extracted with a door opening angle of 90 °.

Combined refrigerator with hyperFresh compartment for fruit and vegetables with noFrost technology without defrosting
The noFrost technology prevents the formation of ice unnecessarily Defrosting. noDistance Place the refrigerator against the wall - leaving no gaps.
Freshness in a new version: the premium LED perfectly illuminates every corner of the refrigerator from above and from the side
The bottle holder will provide a safe place for stored bottles.
EasyAccess extendable glass shelves for easy product insertion, all products in view.



Series: iQ300

Technical data
Construction type: Freestanding
Front panel variants: no options
Width (mm): 600
Depth (mm): 660
Net weight (kg): 71.292
Connected power (W): 100
Current (A): 10
Hinges: on the right with the possibility of changing the side
Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50-60
Approval certificates: CE, VDE
Length of the connection cable (cm): 240
Retention time in case of failure: 16
Number of aggregates: 1
Number of independent cooling systems: 2
Internal fan: No.
Replacement Hinge Side: Yes
Number of height-adjustable shelves in the refrigerator: 2
Bottle holder: Yes
EAN number: 4242003835012
Brand: Siemens
Series name: KG36N7IEP
Energy efficiency class - NEW DIRECTIVE (2010/30 / EC): A ++
Annual energy consumption (kWh / year) - NEW DIRECTIVE (2010/30 / EC): 260.00
Net refrigerator capacity (l) - according to the new label (2010/30 / EC): 237
Freezer - net capacity (l) - according to the new label (2010/30 / EC): 87
Antifreeze freezing system: refrigerator and freezer
Temperature rise time (h): 16
Freezing capacity (kg / 24h) - according to the new label (2010/30 / EC): 14
Climate class: SN-T
Noise (db (A) re 1 pW): 39
Installation method: not applicable

Operational data

Energy efficiency class: A ++ on the energy efficiency scale from A +++ to D.
Energy consumption¹: 260 kWh / year
Noise level: 39 dB dB (A) re 1 pW
Total capacity: 324 liters

Color: stainless steel (anti-fingerprint coating), sides - pearl gray (VZF 07127)
Vertical handle to open the door
LED lighting in the refrigerator

Comfort of use

noFrost - no more defrosting!
Electronic temperature control, LED display
Separate temperature control for each zone
Visual and acoustic signaling to leave the door open
Super cooling
Automatic defrosting in the refrigerator compartment


Refrigerator capacity: 237 l
Number of safety glass shelves: 4, 2 of which are height adjustable; 3xEasyAccess Shelf
Number of large door shelves: 1; number of small shelves on the door: 2

Freshness system
Volume of the 0 ° C zone: 24 l
1 hyperFresh drawer with humidity control: fruit and vegetables will stay fresh longer, 2 hyperFresh drawers ◄0 ° C ► temperature control: fish and meat stay fresh longer

Freezer capacity * (***): 87 l
Freezing capacity: 14 kg in 24 hours
Memory capacity in case of failure: 16h
Number of transparent freezer drawers: 3

Technical specifications
With the ability to change the side, the door is mounted on the right
Height-adjustable feet on the front, wheels on the back
Connected load: 100W
220 - 240 V
Climate class: SN-T
Dimensions: 186.0cm H x 60.0cm W x 66.0cm D


3 x egg cup, 1 x ice cube tray