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Siemens KS36VAXEP iQ500 Freestanding Tall Fridge A++ Black Stainless Steel

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Keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer: hyperFresh plus.

A slider lets you adjust the humidity level in the hyperFresh plus drawer to its content. This guarantees an ideal humidity level that preserves flavour, vitamins, and nutrients for longer.

Shed some light on the situation: LED lighting.

The new integrated long-lasting LED lights fit flush on the side walls or ceiling, illuminating the interior uniformly and perfectly without blinding you.

Store bottles safely: the bottleRack.

You can now safely store large bottles, small bottles and cans in the removable stainless steel bottleRack without them rolling back and forth.

Everything within easy reach:

For more convenience when adding and removing foods, the glass shelves can now be pulled out up to the middle on profile rails. This gives you an optimal view and nothing remains hidden. Of course they slide easily and are tilt-proof, so you can pull them all the way out even when fully loaded. The frameless shelves are made of high-quality, robust glass.

Stable temperature: superCooling.

You can use the superCooling button to quickly reduce the temperature in the refrigerator to +2 °C. This prevents an undesirable rise in the temperature of your already chilled food whenever you add food that is not as cold.

Shatterproof and easy to clean: the safetyGlass shelves.

All glass shelves are made from extra strong, easy-to-clean safety glass. If something tips over, the spillage is contained and does not spill into the rest of the refrigerator compartment.

Flexible and safe: the wavy bottle rack.

Store bottles or cans, large or small, safely and flexibly in the refrigerator compartment. The wave-shaped bottle rack can be positioned wherever you want it.

Steplessly height-adjustable: the easyLift door shelves.

The height of the new door shelves can now be steplessly adjusted, even when they are full. This lets you easily organise the inside of the door exactly according to your needs.

Always the right temperature - freshSense

Even the slightest changes in temperature, like the sun shining on the fridge freezer, can affect the conditions inside the fridge – and thus the freshness of your food. To prevent this, freshSense measures the temperature on the inside and the outside of the fridge and knows when the surrounding conditions change. As soon as a change is registered, the control system immediately takes countermeasures to ensure your food stays fresh for as long as possible.

Ergonomically ideal access: fully-retractable drawers on telescopic rails.


Product type: One-door
Construction type: Free-standing
Type of control: Electronic
Type of control settings: Super setting fridge, Temperature display fridge, Warning signal door open
Main colour of product: black inox-antifingerprint
Basic color of product: Black stainless steel
Door decor panel: Not possible
Electrical connection rating: 90 W
Current: 10
Voltage: 220-240
Frequency: 50
Approval certificates: CE, VDE
Number of compressors: 1
Length of electrical supply cord: 230 cm
Plug type: Gardy plug w/ earthing
Total unit net capacity: 346 l
Refrigerator Gross capacity: 348 l
Freezer Gross capacity l
Number of independent cooling systems: 1
Height of the product: 1860 mm
Width of the product: 600 mm
Depth of the product: 650 mm
Depth with open door 90 degree: 1200 mm
Door hinge: Left reversible
Adjustable feet: Yes - front only
Height of the packed product: 1900 mm
Width of the packed product: 640 mm
Depth of the packed product: 750 mm
Net weight: 67.956 kg
Gross weight: 70.0 kg
Sum of volume of frozen compartments (EU 2017/1369) l
Sum of volume of chill compartments (EU 2017/1369): 346 l
Total volume of the product (EU 2017/1369): 346 l
Energy Efficiency Class (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369): E
Average annual energy consumption in kilowatt hour per year (kWh/a) (EU) 2017/1369: 116 kWh/a
Energy Efficiency Index (EU 2017/1369): 100
Fast freezing function (EU 2017/1369): No
Compartment Volume (Fresh Food) (EU2017/1369): 346.0 l
Defrosting Type (Fresh Food) (EU2017/1369): Manual
Recommended Temperature (Fresh Food) (EU2017/1369): 4 °C
Energy Efficiency Class for Light Regulation (EU) 2019/1805): G
Type of light source (EU 2019/1805): LED
Low noise refrigerating appliance: No
Maximum ambient temperature (EU) 2017/1369: 43 °C
Minimum ambient temperature (EU) 2017/1369: 10 °C
Airborne acoustical noise emissions (EU 2017/1369): 39 dB re 1 pW
Airborne acoustical noise emission class (EU 2017/1369): C
Product outside the scope of "low noise appliance" and "wine storage appliance" (EU 2017/1369): No
QR Code (EU 2017/1369): HTTPS://EPREL.EC.EUROPA.EU/QR/260888
Wine storage appliance only: No
Winter setting contol feature for combi appliance (EU 2017/1369): No
Energy Smart appliance, able to optimise consumption pattern (2017/1369/EU): No
Capability of wireless communication: No
SIM card slot available: No
Kind of remote access: No, only direct access
Possibility of remote upgrade: No
Possibility of remote update for maintenance: No
Is there a camera in the appliance: No
Warning signal / Malfunction: No signal
Fast cooling possibility: Yes
Fast freezing function: No
Door opened indicator freezer: Yes
Interior ventilator fridge section: Yes
Shelves for Bottles: Yes
Lockable door: No
Number of shelves in fridge compartment: 7
Number of Adjustable Shelves in fridge compartment: 4
Material of the shelves: Glass, plastic, support grid, wood
Thermometer fridge section: Digital
Thermometer freezer section: None
Included accessories: 3 x egg tray
Temperature adjustable: Yes
Temperature adjustable freezer: No
Refrigerator section with thaw water drainage system: No